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As the body ages, it goes through changes.  For men, that means decreasing levels of testosterone after they reach ages 40 and above.  Often these decreasing levels of testosterone are accompanied by various symptoms of abnormal feelings.  While some Men truly do suffer from lower than normal levels of testosterone, many are feeling the natural signs of aging.  Some men choose to use a low testosterone supplement to help alleviate these symptoms of feeling older.  But a recent study published on the peer-reviewed journal website PLOS ONE shows that these testosterone drugs lead to an increased chance of developing heart disease.

Symptoms of Low Testosterone

When reviewing the symptoms of low testosterone, many people will simply see it as a list of the things that happen when you get older. In fact, most of them are just the signs of getting older. What happens is that when a male experiences these symptoms sooner than most males do, then he may be suffering low testosterone. Those symptoms include:

  • Hair loss
  • Loss of muscle mass or muscle strength
  • Lowering red blood cell counts, which leads to
  • Anemia or fatigue
  • Reduced sex drive
  • Erectile dysfunction (which can be caused by other factors)
  • Change in mood; depression

Many of these symptoms are not problematic, but they go against everything the male has known his whole life. As he ages, his hair falls out and he is not able to perform physically the same as when he was a younger man. What happens is that many men will start taking a low testosterone supplement, without fully understanding the effects.

Average Testosterone Levels

Through adolescence, men experience an increase in their testosterone levels. This hormone is what is responsible for muscle growth, body and facial hair, sex drive, and many other functions of “becoming a man.” These levels peak in the male’s twenties and starting as early as age 30 men can see a gradual decrease in their testosterone levels.

Testosterone levels are not hard to determine, and it can be done with a simple blood test.  What is difficult is determining what is actually low.  Normal levels in men range from 300 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dL) of blood all the way up to 1,200 ng/dL (with the lower levels often being elderly males, and the higher levels being younger men).  So while a male in his twenties with testosterone levels of 400 ng/dL may have low levels, an elderly male with the same levels is at, or above, normal.  The real problems associated with low testosterone do no start appearing until the male is down to the 100-200 ng/dL levels.

Within the past two decades many drugs have come on the market to help treat people with low testosterone.  However, these drugs are not fully understood, and the long-term effects are not desirable.  While the patient does see an increase in his testosterone levels, he also experiences a greater risk for heart disease, stroke, blood clots, various types of cancer, and many other undesired side effects.

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