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Montana state overtime laws dictate that all non-exempt employees who work more than a 40-hour work week are entitled to overtime pay at a rate of 1.5 times their hourly rate. The state-enforced minimum wage in Montana is $7.80, which makes the minimum wage for overtime hours $11.70. Unfortunately, it is far too common for employees in Montana not to realize they have been illegally denied the overtime pay to which the law entitles them because Montana overtime laws can be difficult to interpret. If you work in Montana, the following overview of Montana overtime laws provided by the experienced overtime lawyers at Phillips Dayes Law Firm can help you protect your rights.

Montana State Overtime Exemptions

Under the FLSA, the body of laws enforced by the federal government to ensure American employees are treated fairly, all non-exempt employees are entitled to “time-and-a-half” when they work more than 40 hours in a work week. Montana overtime laws closely resemble federal overtime laws in that the following types of employees are not entitled to overtime pay:

  • Professionals
  • Executives
  • Administrators

In addition to the above types of workers, employees who meet the following criteria may also not be entitled to overtime pay in Montana:

  • Outside sales workers (because they set their own hours)
  • Some transportation workers
  • Certain farm and agriculture workers
  • Independent contractors
  • Employees who live and work at the same location

Montana Overtime Lawsuit Consultations

If you believe the rights afforded to you under Montana overtime pay laws have been violated, it’s a good idea for you to enlist the counsel of an employment lawyer well-versed in Montana overtime laws. According to the statute of limitations on overtime pay lawsuits in Montana, you could be entitled to back pay for up to two years before the date you file a Montana overtime lawsuit. To learn more about your potential right to substantial compensation, contact an employment lawyer at Phillips Dayes Law Firm for a case evaluation.

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